Dr Johnathan Man

Dr Johnathan Man

Dr Johnathan Man is a medical oncologist at Southside Cancer Centre, Miranda. He also consults at St George Private Hospital.

Dr Man strives to provide his patients with extremely attentive care and compassion. He provides clear and informative explanations to his patients and their carers to ensure they are as knowledgeable of their condition as possible. Equipped with a strong understanding of their own health, his patients are able to make decisions that are right for them, with Dr Man’s guidance and expertise. He prioritises adequate time with his patients to know them well and listen to questions, and understands the importance of strong attention to detail in order to give each person the best chance and as smooth a journey as possible in their fight against cancer.

Dr Man has been heavily involved in medical research and has published several articles in medical journals about cancer treatments, particularly in the field of immunotherapy.  He is a conjoint lecturer at the University of New South Wales, and regularly teaches specialists-in-training and medical students. He is a member of several specialist multidisciplinary cancer teams that include surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists and physicians, to ensure his patients have access to the best treatments possible. Dr Man also has significant experience working in clinical trials and will constantly seek appropriate trials for his patients to provide them with the full range of options.

Dr Man has specialist expertise in the management of cancer symptoms and optimisation of quality of life.

Separate from his role as a medical oncologist, Dr Man also runs the Respiratory Supportive Care Clinic at Sutherland Public Hospital, where he sees patients without cancer who live with long term breathlessness.

Dr Man sees patients at Southside Cancer Centre, Miranda, on Mondays, Fridays and alternate Thursdays.