Fees and Charges

As we are a private practice there will be a fees and charges for the services you receive at the Southside Cancer Care Centre, Sydney, Miranda. However, as a part of the community that helped to create this facility, together with our commitment to excellence in care, we aim to keep these charges as low as possible. If you feel that your financial circumstances are such that you cannot afford the required treatment, please feel free to discuss this with our accounts staff or your Oncologist, as they may be able to offer some form of assistance.

Unfortunately, we are unable to bulk bill patients for services they receive at the Centre as this would not allow us to cover the enormous costs associated with the provision of the high technology services that we offer.

As treatment length and nature varies greatly between patients, costs of treatment also differ. If you would like information on the fees associated with the treatment you are to receive, please contact our accounts department.

It is preferable for accounts (excepting Radiation Therapy treatment accounts) to be settled on the day of the appointment/treatment.

Please ensure that you register with Medicare for the “Medicare Safety Net” as you may be eligible to receive a greater rebate.

It is also very important to have an up-to-date referral when you are seeing the Doctor. Medicare pays at a lower rate if your referral has expired. To obtain the maximum rebate from Medicare – please see your GP and request an indefinite/ongoing referral. To determine the status of your referral, contact our admin staffs on 02 8556 9300.

Radiation Therapy is generally an outpatient procedure, whereas Chemotherapy is frequently an inpatient procedure, therefore there are large differences between the billing methods used for these two forms of treatment. These rules are laid down by the government and health funds and are what determines your eligibility for coverage and the level of financial assistance available to you.